100 GBit Network


Our network is linked to important upstream suppliers that connect to hundreds of exchange partners which assures a constant Internet connection and superior routing. Through our High Quality unmetered network, access to your services will be uninterrupted.

99.99% Uptime


We understand that your systems need to be accessible at all times in order for your business to run. It means that your servers will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time during any 12-month period. Our uptime is monitored 24 hours a day and you can view your system’s graphs at any time.

Reliable Hardware


Great data centers to ensure everything runs smoothly (US, Europe, Canada, Central America). We understand that your systems need to be accessible at all times so that your business can function well. Our cloud services have 24/7 monitoring for performance and availability of the infrastructure in all of our facilities.

Support Center


    United Kingdom: +44 207 100 3776

    United States: +1 469 341 7765

    Panama: +507 838 0414

    Honduras: +504 2262 6363

    Costa Rica: +506 4001 7233

    El Salvador: +503 2113 8490

    Guatemala: +502 2283 8052

    Customer Review


    “The arrangement with MAN is perfect for us in terms of having 24/7 support – the equivalent of an IT engineer on site but at a fraction of the costs of employing someone full time. And we like the fact that MAN always attends to the root cause of problems and not just the superficial causes.”

    Benny Nur, CIO Clermont Club, London

    A BAC Group Company


    We are a group passionate for innovation, technology and the constant need to add value to our customers. Starting our operations in 2005, today we serve more than 1500 users in Latin America. Through our business solutions, we have achieved the growth of many small, medium and large businesses in more than 15 different countries. With over 15 years of experience in implementing business tools, we have delivered more than 1000 IT projects successfully. Our team of experts ensure consistent results for our customers helping them achieve great ROI and constantly meeting the goals of their projects.

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